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Meet Realtyless

The largest For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Marketplace

Hello to easy and transparent real estate.

Goodbye to high price commissions.

Holding Keys

Our Mission

Our mission is easy, transparent, and commission-free real estate.

Easy - Realtyless is the nation’s largest FSBO marketplace. We make it easy to discover new FSBO homes and post your home for sale by owner.

Transparent - Realtyless displays deal designations on every home so you never miss a good deal.

Commission-free - Realtyless is an FSBO marketplace. We help buyers and sellers connect directly so everyone can save with zero commission. Realtyless is not a real estate brokerage and we are not real estate agents.

Real Estate Re-Imagined

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Average cost of new home

Save BIG with zero commission!

6 million

Homes sold every year

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Agent commission

Let us help you get more money in your pocket!

Frequently asked questions

What is FSBO?
FSBO is an acronym for For Sale By Owner. FSBO homes are sold directly by the seller without a seller’s real estate agent involved. Sellers often choose to sell FSBO to avoid the real estate agent commission.
Is Realtyless really free?
Yes! It is free to post your home on Realtyless. There is no commission or hidden costs when you sell your home.
Is Realtyless a brokerage?
No! We are not a brokerage. We are a platform that connects buyers and sellers directly. We do not charge any commission fees.
What's the catch?
There is no catch! We value transparency in real estate as well as in our business model. Realtyless isexclusively for sale by owner so there is truly zero commission. Realtyless is funded by investmentcapital and will utilize paid advertisement opportunities in the future.
How Does Realtyless save me money?
Realtyless doesn’t have buyer’s agents. When you skip the agent, you can save up to 3% on your home purchase.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No, there are no contracts or commitments on Realtyless. You are in control of your posting and can make changes or remove it at any time.