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Frequently Asked Questions
for Sellers

Yes! It is free to post your home on Realtyless. There is no commission or hidden costs when you sell your home.

No, there are no contracts or commitments on Realtyless. You are in control of your posting and can make changes or remove it at any time.

FSBO is an acronym for For Sale By Owner. FSBO homes are sold directly by the seller without a seller’s real estate agent involved. Sellers often choose to sell FSBO to avoid the real estate agent commission.

If you already have photos and a property description you can finish the posting process in as little as 10 minutes.

Cleaning, decluttering, and staging will help your home look its best for potential buyers. Also, fixing any known issues before you put your home for sale can help reduce issues found during your inspection and minimize negotiations down the road.

Realtyless showcases FSBO homes first in our search results. We use Google ads, Facebook ads, local events, postcard mailers, and rotating billboards to market the FSBO homes on our platform.

No, Realtyless is exclusively for sale by owner. Only licensed real estate agents can list a home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Realtyless has no real estate agents and zero commission. If you are interested in the MLS, you can list your home with a flat fee MLS service and still utilize the benefits of Realtyless.

It is a common misconception that for sale by owner homes sell for less money. Current findings by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests homes in similar neighborhoods with similar square feet sell for similar prices regardless of how the home is listed.