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Frequently Asked Questions
for Sellers

An appraisal will provide an accurate estimate of the current value of your home to help guide you in setting a price. An independent licensed appraiser will complete a market analysis to compare your home with recently sold homes in your area. You have the final decision on what price you want to set your home at and you’ll never be pressured to lower the price by a real estate agent.

Cleaning, decluttering, and staging will help your home look its best for potential buyers. Also, fixing any known issues before you put your home for sale can help reduce issues found during your inspection and minimize negotiations down the road.

Realtyless helps you market your home through complimentary paid digital ads, billboards, local events, and post card mailers. There are no posting contracts on Realtyless so you can also market your home on any additional platforms (Facebook, Zillow, etc.). Read Spread the Word About Your Home to learn more.

Real estate agents help you through the selling process but generally charge around 6% of the sale price to sell your home and pay the buyer’s agent. For example, agents typically charge around $30,000 in commission on a $500,000 home.

Realtyless walks you through the selling process from start to finish. Your team of local professionals will help you at every step so you can feel confident that everything is completed accurately and in support of your best interests.

Real estate agents charge a commission or percentage of the sale price of the home. Generally, the seller’s and buyer’s agents charge a combined total of 6% commission. The commission is taken out of the proceeds when you close on your home.

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database of agent-listed properties that are available for sale in a given area. Although the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is generally referred to as a single entity, it comprises around 600 local databases across the country. The MLS database is exclusively for real estate agents and allows them to share information about properties. Read More About what the MLS

No, Realtyless is exclusively for sale by owner. Only licensed real estate agents can list a home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Realtyless has no real estate agents and zero commission. If you are interested in the MLS, you can list your home with a flat fee MLS service and still utilize the benefits of Realtyless.

By skipping the agent commission, you can save thousands of dollars when selling your home. All buyers on Realtyless are self-represented so you pay true zero commission. Try multiplying 6% by the price of your home to find out how much you can save.

We think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to sell your home by owner on Realtyless. Realtyless walks you through each step of the selling process with independent professionals you trust and everything you need to sell your home is consolidated on our easy to use platform.

It is a common misconception that for sale by owner homes sell for less money. Current findings by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests homes in similar neighborhoods with similar square feet sell for similar prices regardless of how the home is listed.

As part of the posting process, you’ll hire a professional inspector, appraiser, and photographer who will generate the quality content for your posting. All you have to do is write a short description, set the price, and fill out your seller disclosure.

No, the information from the posting requirements is used to generate your high-quality posting and help guide you through the selling process. The services ensure the information about your home is accurate and gives buyers the confidence to skip the agent so you pay true zero commission.

Your Home Facts report is only visible to buyers who are preapproved for financing for at least the price of your home by a local independent lender.

All Realtyless buyers who contact you have been preapproved by an independent licensed lender for at least the price of your home.

You will show your home to prospective buyers. You can easily schedule seller-hosted showings with preapproved buyers right through Realtyless. You know your home better than anyone and can provide insight into what makes your home special and what it’s like living in your community.

When preparing for showings, you want your home to look its best. Clean your home, remove personal items, open blinds/curtains, and turn on all lights before your showing.

A licensed local real estate lawyer will review your contract, help with negotiations, and provide legal advice.

Your Repair Pricer report can help you negotiate buyer credit. Repair Pricer provides an estimated cost of repairs for the items found during your inspection. The estimate is zip-code specific and goes through a 3-stage human review process. The information provided from Repair Pricer can help you make an informed decision about buyer credit.

The seller disclosure is a legally required document when selling a home. It allows you to disclose any known defects and conditions of your home. Realtyless provides an easy to use seller disclosure questionnaire for you to complete. The seller disclosure can protect you from being sued by the buyers after the sale. Information to complete the seller disclosure can come from your inspection report, your experiences in the home, etc.

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