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Privacy Policy

Realtyless LLC values your privacy and makes privacy a top priority. This Privacy Policy relates to collecting data and use of our website. By using our website, you consent to our methods and procedures described in this policy as well as our Terms of Service Agreement. In the event that you do not agree with any provision in our privacy policy, please do not continue to use

Collection of Personal Information

Realtyless collects buyer’s, seller’s and service provider’s information when signing up on the website. Realtyless collects only the personal information needed for appropriate use of the website.

Unique Information and Handling


If sellers elect to pay for services through the website their credit card information is not saved.


The sensitive information submitted within the preapproval is encrypted and only shared with the mortgage loan officers you specify. Realtyless does not store this information after the mortgage loan officer has viewed it. Buyer credit card information is also not stored if a credit card is used to hire an attorney.

Service Providers

The providers create their profile by providing their business information. The information is stored but safe and secure.

Data Sharing

Your information is never shared nor sold to any third parties.

In our offering, we provide you with the option of logging in using an account that you may have with a social-media service, such as Google. For this type of log-in, you will be directed to the appropriate social-media log-in page, where you will enter your username and password (or account credentials) for the social-media service. (Through a social-media log-in, the social media service may know when you have used our offering.) The social media-service will then send us a token, which we will use to authenticate you for access. The social-media service may also share your name and email address with us, although we will not have access to your social-media account credentials. We may keep the token and your name and email address for purposes of identifying you, which enables us to maintain your preferences in our offering across different devices. As an example, by identifying you using this information, we can present to you your previous searches and saved homes on our platform, even if you access the applications from different devices.