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Welcome to the innovative approach to buying and selling real estate by-owner

Sell your home by owner with RealtyLess

Sign up with Realtyless to sell your home by owner. Create a high quality home posting generated by independent professionals to showcase your home. Manage your showings with pre-approved, qualified buyers right on the platform and review and hire professionals to help close the sale with confidence.

Why sellers use Realtyless

Technology meets real estate

Realtyless is a technology company built around helping you sell your home by owner. Our core values are quality home postings, pre approved qualified buyers, and connecting you with independent professionals to confidently close on your home. We are not real estate agents nor a brokerage. There are no commissions, no fees, and no catch. We are truly here to make selling your home easy and enjoyable.

Sell your home with the help of professionals

Realtyless simplifies the process of selling your home by owner. Select independent professionals to generate your home posting with high quality professional photography, a laser measured floor plan, inspection, and appraisal. Your home posting will have more valuable and thorough information than homes for sale on any other platform. All you have to do is set the price of your home on Realtyless.

Qualified preapproved buyers

Feel confident in showing your home to Realtyless buyers. All buyers on our platform are pre approved by independent mortgage loan officers. You can only be contacted by verified buyers who can afford your home.

Sell your home on Realtyless

The Realtyless platform has everything you need to help you sell your home. Find reviews and prices of independent professionals to create your posting, schedule showings with qualified buyers, negotiate offers, and confidently close on your home with an independent real estate lawyer and title company. Sell your home with confidence and ease on Realtyless.

Secure online platform

Our online platform has advanced security measures to ensure your information is safe. Communicatie with buyers and professionals right on the Realtyless platform. Your personal contact information is never shared.

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