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Full Service For Sale By Owner

All the benefits, no agents and zero commission

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How does Realtyless Compare?

When it comes to real estate, buyers and sellers have 4 options: Traditional agent (e.g. Zillow), Discount Agent (e.g. Redfin), Traditional For Sale By Owner, and Realtyless. Traditional agents take a 6.0% commission fee. Discount agents take a 4.5% commission fee. Agents help you with most of the buying process but the information you get is not independent, may not be reliable, and you'll be required to sign a listing contract. Traditional For Sale By Owner services take no commission, have no listing contract, but you are responsible for the rest of the buying or selling process. Realtyless is the only platform that offers true zero commission, gives you access to local professionals to provide independent and reliable information, contract negotiation, all while keeping you safe by making sure that only preapproved buyers can see the more detailed information about your home.
Services Traditional Agent, Zillow Discount Agent, Redfin For Sale By Owner Realtyless
Zero Commission 6.0% 4.5% Yes Yes
Professional Inspection, Appraisal, Repair Estimate, and Photography No No No Yes
Contract and Negotiation Help Yes Yes No Yes
Closing Support Yes Yes No Yes
Financing Help & Buyer Preapproval Yes Yes No Yes

What makes Realtyless different?

  • Zero Commission

  • Professional Inspection, Appraisal, Repair Estimate, and Photography

  • Contract and Negotiation Help

  • Closing Support

  • Financing Help & Buyer Preapproval

What will you buy with zero commission?

Buying and selling with Realtyless helps you avoid commission fees. So there’s more money in your pocket for things that really matter to you.

Save on your mortgage with zero commission


What will you buy with your savings?


Value of the house:

You Save:

Real Estate Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Buy and sell comfortably and confidently with professional local guidance. When you use Realtyless, you’ll walk through the real estate process with a team of local professionals. There's no guesswork, mistakes, or commission fees.

Learn More how professionals help you buy and sell with zero commission.

A better way to real estate.

In a world of dreamers, innovators, and do it-your-selfers, there’s a better a way to real estate. Realtyless connects buyers, sellers, and local professionals from the Knoxville community to create change in real estate that’s built for you. Here’s how Realtyless makes it happen.

  1. Connect with Professionals to buy or sell a home. Photographer, Appraiser, Inspector, Lender, Lawyer, and Title Agent.
  2. Your professionals provide high-quality, reliable, trustworthy, and transparent guidance for buying and selling.
  3. Close on your home with confidence and pay zero commission.

Realtyless is the perfect combination of guidance, transparency, and savings.

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Buyers, sellers, and local independent professionals join Realtyless.

Home Posting

Sellers hire local independent service providers (inspector, appraiser & photographer) to generate their high-quality posting.

Buyer Preapproval

Buyers secure financing preapproval after comparing financing options from up to three local mortgage loan officers. They know which homes they can afford and Realtyless sellers can feel confident knowing all buyers who contact them can afford the price of their home.

Home Search

Buyers search for their perfect home both on Realtyless and through traditional listing websites. Buyers can view the Home Facts report with the inspection, estimated cost of repairs, and market value appraisal for homes on Realtyless.


Buyers schedule seller-hosted showings through Realtyless. And request showings for homes on traditional listing websites through the seller’s agents.

Contract Help

A licensed local real estate attorney will draft the contract and help with negotiations. Both the buyer and seller can receive professional contract guidance from the best in the industry.

Closing Room

After an accepted offer, the buyer will hire a title agent through Realtyless. The Realtyless Closing Room will be available to close the deal securely and efficiently by connecting the buyer, seller, and title agent.

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Approximately 11% of homes are sold For Sale By Owner (FSBO) every year. Join now to buy and sell smarter with Realtyless.

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What's the catch?

There is no catch! We value transparency in real estate as well as in our business model. Realtyless is exclusively for sale by owner so there is truly zero commission. Realtyless is funded by investment capital and will utilize paid advertisement opportunities in the future.

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