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Spread the Word About Your Home

Best for sale by owner websites to market your home


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Spread the word about your home on for sale by owner websites

You hired independent professionals to generate your Realtyless posting and you’re armed with quality information and professional photos. Now it’s time to spread the word and find buyers. One of the great aspects of Realtyless is there are no contracts; you own the information so you can post your home and photos anywhere. The sky is the limit but to narrow it down here is a list of for sale by owner websites to consider.


You’ve most likely already posted your home on Realtyless. But in case you haven’t clicked that publish button yet…Realtyless offers the most comprehensive for sale by owner posting out there. You’ll have professional photos, a market value appraisal, an inspection report, and estimated cost of repairs. The best part is that your home will be shown to Realtyless Buyers which are all self-represented and pre-approved so you pay true zero commission and know everyone who contacts you can afford the price of your home.


Facebook is a fantastic free way to share your home. The social media platform has multiple avenues to share your posting.

  1. Facebook Page- You can easily share your posting to your Facebook page via Realtyless. Just click the “Share to Facebook” button on your Realtyless posting. The post will be shared on your Facebook wall and shown to your friends on Facebook.

  2. Facebook Groups- Facebook groups are a great place to connect with others that share similar interests. There are a handful of great Facebook groups to join that can help you market your home. You may have to request to join the group and wait for approval but the access to other For Sale by Owner parties can be a big advantage. Make sure to read the guidelines and rules of each group before posting your home. Facebook users can directly message you on Facebook or add a comment to your group post. Below are a few local and general for sale by owner groups with thousands of members.

Note: If you join a few Facebook groups before posting your home to Facebook Marketplace, you can post your home to Marketplace and your selected groups all at once. So, join a few groups and then read on to learn how to post your home to Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups with just one click.

  1. Facebook Marketplace- Facebook Marketplace has a category just for home sales. Go to Marketplace to create a new listing. For your listing type, choose “Home for Sale”. Enter your photos and property information. You can use the professional photography of your home and the information from your appraisal to fill in the details. Then, publish your home to Marketplace and any for sale by owner Facebook groups you’ve joined. It’s completely free. Your Facebook profile will be attached to your listing and interested buyers can contact you via Facebook.

Bonus: You can add the link from your Realtyless posting to your Facebook Marketplace description so interested buyers can view more information about your home. You can also request that interested buyers go through the process of becoming a pre-approved Realtyless buyer so you know they can afford your home before you spend time with showings.


Zillow is arguably the most popular traditional real estate platform out there. It gets a lot of traffic and you can post your home for sale by owner for free. Posting your home on Zillow is fairly easy. You’ll upload your professional photos and enter information about your home. You can refer to your appraisal for information including the square feet and number of bedrooms/bathrooms. You can use the same description to describe your home that you wrote for your Realtyless posting. Zillow will automatically upload your posting to Trulia, Zillow’s sister site.

There are some drawbacks to Zillow. First, your phone number will be displayed publicly. This allows interested parties to contact you but also opens you up for a rush of unwanted solicitation. Second, Zillow pushes buyers towards buyer’s agents so many of the buyers contacting you from Zillow may already be working with an agent. That means you may still need to pay the buyer’s agent a commission on the sale. Last, it’s important to note your home most likely won’t receive the same traffic on Zillow or Trulia as homes listed by agents. This is because Zillow created an “Other Listings” tab and defaults viewers to their “Agent Listings”. It’s still a great place to post your home but it’s another reason Realtyless users are innovating and standing up for change.


Nextdoor offers a local platform where communities come together. Think of Nextdoor as the virtual version of your Realtyless yard sign. You can post your home for sale by owner on Nextdoor so your neighbors in your immediate local community can learn about your home and help spread the word. It’s easy to create a profile on Nextdoor if you don’t already have one. You’ll be able to create a post immediately to let others know your home is for sale. Click create a post and select “Sell or give away an item”. Then, choose the category “Home Sales”. Enter your address as the title and the price you’re asking for your home. You can add the description you wrote for your Realtyless posting. Don’t forget to link to your home on Realtyless so buyers can find out more information. Upload your photos and post your home. Users will be able to comment on your post or private message you for more details. is another option to post your home for free. They claim they have 7x more traffic than any other for sale-by-owner site. They offer paid options but the “Do It Yourself” listing package is free. You’ll upload your photos and enter your information similar to posting your home to Facebook Marketplace or Zillow. You can use the information from your appraisal for reference and the description of your home from Realtyless. A “Home Listing Coordinator” may call you about your posting. You can’t opt-out of all contact from but you can opt-out of automated contact. won’t share your phone number publicly so you’ll only receive messages through the platform which cuts down on solicitation. You can also designate you don’t want to work with or pay a commission for a buyer’s agent which is shown publicly to users before they contact you.


Yes, Craigslist is on this list. It’s been a while since Craigslist was at its heyday but it’s still a free option worth mentioning. You can select to post housing and then select real estate by owner. You’ll enter the description you’ve already written to post your home on Realtyless and some basic information about your home. You can also include the link to Realtyless so interested buyers can view more information. Select to show your phone number and address or keep that information hidden. Craigslist has an email relay so your actual email address along with the email address from the party contacting you is not shared. There is far greater anonymity on Craigslist than on any of the other sites on this list which leaves Craigslist posts at increased risk for scams. If you do choose to post your home on Craigslist, you may want to request interested parties to become pre-approved Realtyless buyers before spending time on showings or providing additional information.


There are a lot of great free online options available as additional ways to market your home. Your Realtyless Home Facts report and professional photography provide all the essential information you need to advertise your home and sell it for sale by owner. If you have questions or get stuck, contact any of the specific websites directly or reach out to our staff at Realtyless.


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