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Home Facts Explained

The Home Facts includes a market value appraisal, home inspection, and estimated cost of repairs.


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Home Facts Explained for Buyers

Home Facts makes comparing homes easier by providing essential information on every posting. All homes for sale on Realtyless have Home Facts which is a collection of information including a market value appraisal, home inspection, and estimated cost of repairs. The reports are generated by local independent professionals so you can trust the accuracy of the information.

What’s Included In Home Facts?

The Home Facts includes a market value appraisal, home inspection, and estimated cost of repairs.

Market Value Appraisal

Home Facts Appraisal!

The market value appraisal provides an objective value of the home so you never have to wonder if the home you're looking at is a good deal. It also provides accurate and verified information about the home including the square feet, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, lot size, taxes, and HOA information.

An independent licensed appraiser will complete a market value appraisal for the home. The appraiser will visit the home to take laser measurements, observe the condition, and complete a market comparison. The market comparison is completed by comparing the sale price of similar homes in the same area that have recently sold.


Home Facts Inspection!

The inspection report provides the condition of the home. You'll know about any major flaws, defects, or repairs needed right from the start. The inspection report generally includes the age, information, and photos of structural elements, electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling.

An independent licensed inspector will complete a home inspection. The inspector will visit the home to view, test, and photograph major features to determine the condition of the home. The inspection report will provide information on the condition so you can find a home that meets your desired move-in readiness.

Estimated Cost of Repairs

Home Facts Estimated Cost of Repairs!

The repair estimate provides a dollar value for recommended repairs based on the inspection report. The repair estimate can help you determine the average cost of fixing items found during the inspection. It can also help you negotiate repair credit when you're ready to submit an offer.

The repair estimate is independently generated by Repair Pricer. Repair Pricer uses zip-code-specific pricing software and a three-stage human review process to determine the cost of repairs.

What are the benefits of Home Facts?

Home Facts helps you make a more informed decision when buying your new home.

Provides Confidence

Home Facts allows you to confidently skip the buyer's agent and save thousands of dollars. The appraisal provides concrete comparisons for every home to determine the market value so you never have to guess if the home is a good deal. The inspection gives information about the condition of the home so you know of any major defects right from the start. And the repair estimate helps you negotiate repair credit with confidence.

Consider this scenario of a buyer noticing discoloration on the ceiling during an agent-led tour:

Buyer- "Hmm, I see some discoloration there on the ceiling."
Real estate agent- "It could be water damage but I can't say for sure."

Now consider viewing that same home on Realtyless and seeing the water damage in the inspection report before even scheduling a tour.

Saves You Time

Home Facts saves you time by providing essential information before you schedule a tour and fall in love with a home. Some major repairs can be deal breakers for buyers. Home Facts helps you learn about the home's condition right from the beginning so you can narrow down your home search without even leaving your couch.

Lessens Stress

Appraisals and inspections are two of the main reasons sales fall through after you have an accepted offer. With Home Facts, you have all the information upfront so you don't have to worry about unknown issues or losing the home because of the appraisal. You’ll also have an itemized repair estimate so negotiating buyer credit based on the inspection is easy and backed by facts.


All homes on Realtyless have Home Facts. Home Facts include a professional appraisal, inspection, and repair estimate. The information from Home Facts allows you to confidently buy a home by owner while saving you time and stress during your home search.


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