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Do NOT Sell by Owner……Debunked!

Realtyless Marketing Manager, Erin Tortora, shares her insight and experiences with buying and selling FSBO.


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Do NOT Sell by Owner……Debunked!

Real Talk by Erin Tortora

Let’s be honest, the laundry list of reasons to NOT do an FSBO (for sale by owner) is very directed and shared repeatedly. Why? To prevent you from making the decisions and taking actions on YOUR own investment. Read that again….YOUR own investment.

Buying or selling YOUR home is a very personal and often stressful time. For that reason, I offer some insight, from years of buying and selling my personal homes.

With five FSBO properties under my belt and two traditional real estate agent led sales, I have info and experience to share. All these experiences are why I am truly thankful for Realtyless and the seamless guidance the platform gives.

Why Not to Sell FSBO (for sale by owner):

Why Not to Sell FSBO!

  1. Real estate agents may not show an “FSBO” home. Some agents state they will only show an FSBO for a few reasons: low inventory and a ridiculously low asking price.

  2. Agents view agent-listed homes as more reliable. Selling or buying a home is very personal and can be emotional, some agents want to steer clear of that seller “baggage”.

  3. Agents have access to large networks. Agents have exclusive access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which includes all the bells and whistles to really help sell or buy a home according to agents.

  4. Price negotiations take skill. The unskilled seller/owner isn’t as qualified as a professional to make pricing and negotiation decisions for their homes, professionals are the best to handle this.

  5. Exposure to legal risks. Real estate brokerages have the legal backup, which means legal contracts and attorneys.

There are many reasons why agents and people say you shouldn’t do an FSBO, but there are plenty of reasons why FSBOs work and help you save money.

Why YOU are qualified and underappreciated when it comes to selling YOUR own home:

You Are Qualified To Sell FSBO!

First and foremost, you need to have confidence in your decision-making skills. The 5 FSBO homes that I sold came with trust in myself to research and utilize THE SAME exact resources a brokerage has access to. Trust this, you have the same access to these processes at a far more reasonable price.

  1. Not all real estate transactions are tricky ones. Some transactions really need a lot of help to move forward. When that is the case, research, and inspections are CRITICAL. Sometimes that extra helping hand of a real estate agent is necessary. BUT, as with most homes when you have a straightforward transaction, FSBO can be the easiest and least expensive course of action, hands down! I mean what else could you do with that money you saved on commission???? College, family vacation, down payment on a new home, etc.

  2. You know your property best! Yes, this is true, you know your property best. It is your home and with the right tools, you have all the information you need. An inspection from an independent 3rd party gives you the tools to know what you are working with and not to be emotionally driven on your responses or expectations to potential buyers.

  3. SAVE MONEY!! Let’s be clear, there is no way this is NOT a good thing. Selling FSBO through Realtyless has ZERO commission, therefore you keep the proceeds, minus a few needed professionals to get your property listed, advertised, and sold! We are talking thousands of dollars here, folks!

  4. Control over the process for your home! You set the schedule that is convenient for you, you set the price, you show the property, and you share the experience with the buyers. This can be advantageous as you will have more flexibility and control over how you sell YOUR home.

  5. You control additional marketing as you see fit! We love to see a home sell quickly, and we think that our platform, Realtyless, accompanied by your efforts is a true pairing for success. We don’t believe in tying you down with an exclusive contract.

  6. Realtyless FSBO Platform! Realtyless! We literally have all the tools and professionals you need to sell or buy FSBO on our platform. Professional photography, home inspection with an estimated cost of repairs, market value appraisal (key to your bargaining power), title companies, real estate attorneys, and EXTENSIVE marketing (billboards, social media, direct marketing fliers, digital marketing, signage, etc.).

View Our Demo

Realtyless Demo!

I had to search for professionals to make my dream of selling as an owner a reality. Realtyless has all the resources at hand, vetted and ready for you. If I had this platform a few years ago, life would have been much easier!

Don’t be afraid to take a step forward, we have people ready to help, and professionals ready to guide and give you direct service to make your selling dreams come true. Schedule with me to get started!

Food For Thought! Food for thought: To sell a house in Tennessee worth $311,333 — the median home value in Tennessee — you’ll pay about $16,937 in real estate agent fees, minimum!

Erin Tortoral! Erin is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Realtyless. She has bought and sold 5 homes FSBO. Schedule an appointment with Erin


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